written by Nabanita

Britney Spears Bears A Lot

Everyone’s keen on Britney Spears make a comeback. After having gone through hell will she make it back to her superstar status? Well certainly seems like she’s not leaving any stone unturned. Her show in Washington certainly gained a lot of attention regarding her performance and the funky stuff she wore. Whether it’s the striped halter, her translucent black high waist tights, her every so popular uniform look and of course there were plenty of hats that always make her look cute. Cheers to the singing and performance, and we hope the confetti keeps showering on her just like we’ve been used to.

Britney Spears

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  • Oh…..to be a naughty boy turned over Brit’s knee. I think I’d spunk my shorts before she was done tanning my hide. ;-)

  • Her ass makes me hungry :p

  • Damn Brit… nice pantyhose thanks for the weeks of getting off thinking of you in them.
    Every woman looks hotter in sheer pantyhose!


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