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Britney Spears’ Beautiful Dresses

These are old Britney Spears’ pictures, taken in 2006. She was expecting Jayden James Federline at that time. She looked beautiful in her mini dresses.

The latest gossip on Britney revealed that Mel Gibson wanted to help Britney by introducing his son Edward to her. Ed was in rehab for cocaine and alcohol addiction. He turned over a new leaf after his rehab. Mel thought that Britney would benefit from his friendship. Britney hid away in her house when Mel and Ed came. The two guys spent their time chatting with Britney’s bodyguards.

Britney Spears

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  • What did Brtiney change so much lately :(

  • as we see Britney used to be a lot more beautiful as she is now

  • wow hottie!


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