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Britney Spears’ Bikini Pictures In Costa Rica

Britney Spears loved driving so much that she would drive all wheels under all circumstances. She had been pictured driving her sons’ electric car before. This set of pictures showed Britney on holiday in Costa Rica. Britney had a whale of a good time driving on the sands. Mel Gibson, Mel’s wife and Jamie Spears were all enjoying a joint family vacation there. Britney has explained her fat looking tummy. She said that the bloat was due to her medication.

Britney Spears

Mel Gibson's wife Britney Spears in Costa Rica family vacation Britney Spears 5.jpg Britney Spears 6.jpg Britney Spears 7.jpg Britney Spears 8.jpg Britney Spears 9.jpg Britney Spears 10.jpg Britney Spears 11.jpg Britney Spears 12.jpg Britney Spears swimming

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  • On these pics she doesn’t look THAT bad (:


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