written by Wanda

Britney Spears In A Bikini

Say what you want about Britney Spears but the girl definitely turned it around for herself. There was a time that bikini pics of Britney Spears would get nothing but jeers but that time has clearly passed. Here we see Britney looking great in her bikini at a pool in Rancho Palos Verdes and it’s great to see. I was very worried about this girl for a very long time. It’s fantastic to see her looking healthy and happy again. I don’t know what kind of medication she’s on but it’s clear that it’s working for her. I’m so happy she was lucky enough to have a strong support system in place to help her through the dark days because she’s certainly come through stronger for it.


  • we need more britney spears pics, god she is hot, sexy body

  • id love to bang her silly