written by Wanda

Britney Spears Is Pretty Enough, I Suppose.

I know this is going to upset some people so let me get a few important things out of the way first. One: I like Britney Spears and I think hers is a comeback story for the ages. She makes a great judge on the “X Factor” – much better than I was expecting – and I love putting on her music when I have my “I’m too stressed out and want to dance around the living room acting like an idiot” sessions. With that said, I just don’t think she looks like the same Britney I fell in love with back in the day. Here at the “We Will Always Love You Whitney Houston” Grammy event in LA, she looks pretty and has clearly come along way but I don’t love the dress. It doesn’t seem to fit her properly. All the same, it’s great to see Britney looking healthy and happy again. I really hope she can keep that up.


  • I think that Britney looks great here. The dress is fine in my eyes, it fits her fine. I think that she has come a long way in the past year. Wonder if it has anything to do with her new fiance? I wish her all the best of luck.

  • great caps, wow she looks so great here, well stacked she is, great body in that tight outfit, amazing meaty legs on her which i love, so curvy she is pretty but her body is banging too, I would love to smash her

  • amazing legs, so curvy she is so hot

  • I do not have an issue with the dress, I just do not care much for the sleeves. They look very odd to me. And Brit is very pretty still. She seems to be doing much better for herself these days then what she was doing a few years back.

  • she is so gorgeous, i would smash her hard, great body on her, love those damn legs of hers and i would lick her feet

  • Yes she is very pretty. I do not understand why you say I suppose. I mean she has a great body and a cute face so she is really pretty. I do not really care about what she is wearing. She looks happy here and that is all that matters.

  • she is hot, those legs are great, id smash her up the arse

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