written by Wanda

Britney Spears Is Still Looking Pretty Great

Britney Spears is one of my favorite comeback stories in recent memory and she gives me hope for young celebs like Amanda Bynes. Lots of young Hollywood celebs go off the rails but Britney went crazier than anyone else. There was the head shaving, the paparazzi dating, the umbrella attacking and all sorts of other incidents that have gone down in Tinseltown history but that was a long time ago and Britney has come a long way since then. In these photos, snapped in Thousand Oaks, we’re seeing the new, healthier Britney and girl looks great. She really got her life together although it took some pretty drastic intervention from her family. I hope the same happens with Amanda Bynes. If Britney could come back with the help of supportive, loving people in her life, I think Amanda could too.


  • she is so busty, nice curves

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