written by Ann

Britney Spears’ Little Black Dress

Britney Spears wore a nice dress and carried a Chanel handbag. She looked calm, dignified and like a lady. The camera could not get a better picture of her shapely ass. She went somewhere in Los Angeles. It could be a real estate agent’s place. She was known to be house hunting in California. She was searching for a property that has a big backyard, for her sons to play in. She wanted a quieter, bigger and more eco-friendly pad.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears in black Britney Spears in California black dress Britney Spears 5.jpg Britney Spears 6.jpg Chanel handbag Britney Spears ass Britney Spears thong Britney Spears 11.jpg


  • She can be much more then that! Still miss the teen look of Britney!

  • those upskirt shots real show of those strong toned legs. she is so fine

  • legs are out of this world, what a sexy women she is