written by Wanda

Britney Spears Looks Fantastic!

For a moment, I thought these must be old photo shoot pictures of Britney Spears because I haven’t seen the blonde babe looking this good in quite some time. When I got to the photo of Britney and her fiance, Jason, I was a little shocked. I have to hand it to Britney. She’s not only looking great but she pulled off one heck of a comeback. There are few stars that can fall as hard as Britney did and make it back to the top – or at least close enough to the top to count. I hope things continue to go well for Britney. She deserves success and happiness. I hope she finds both.


  • Brit looks hot here. She has always been one of my favorite singers but did let herself go a bit. But then she got back on track and man, she is looking like she used to. I feel that she will rise again and be as popular as she was once.

    • I just replied to Mike’s comment and pointed this out, but I thought it was worth saying again. I don’t think all of Britney’s weight gain should be blamed on letting herself go, necessarily. When someone goes through a psychotic episode, they often stop taking care of themselves and then if they are lucky enough to get help and get on the right medication (as Britney has), the medication can often make them pack on weight. That might have something to do with Britney not quite getting her “Slave 4 U” body back just yet. Anyway, I agree. I think she can really make an even bigger comeback than she already has. She has all the right ingredients working for her and people really love a comeback – almost as much as they love a train wreck.

  • She’s still fat. Her, Christina, and Jessica Simpson have all gotten fat.

    Fat. Fat. Fat.

    It’s disgusting. Especially considering looking good is a huge part of their JOB they are paid for, and it’s not that hard to eat well and exercise.

    • Wow Mike – I have no idea how you feel about these women! Maybe you shouldn’t be so subtle and tell us. Just kidding. I get what you’re saying but I don’t think Britney’s weight gain is all about diet and exercise. From what I understand, she’s on some pretty serious medication and that can really make people pack on the pounds. She is looking much, much better than she has recently and I think that should count for something. As to your second point, maybe Britney’s career has more to do with how she looks but Christina has real pipes. A lot of legendary divas are bigger women – Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Gladys Knight (to a lesser extent, size wise). Their careers weren’t about how they looked but how they sang and I think that SHOULD be what Christina’s career is about. She has a vocal gift that few women of her generation have – a real, honest singer than doesn’t need autotune to sound fantastic. Anyway, that’s just my two cents – worth nothing in the end, really. I think if the girls are happy with how they look, the rest of us should leave it be. There are plenty of other, thinner women out there to look at. Just scroll down. Anne V is only a few posts down wearing a red (or maybe pink) bikini. She might be more to your taste.

  • How is she fat?! I’d totally go there.

  • I do not feel that she is fat at all. I feel that she looks wonderful. I would want to be with her. She had kids, so she gained weight. She looks amazing still. She is not fat at all Mike.

  • Mike is a troll, why post comments on her page and even look if you find her fat, she is not ft at all, she has a nice body, she is a real women with nice curves, I love that on a women personally but some people like stick thin women each to their own but why people post stuff only to talk rubbish is beyond me.

    Britney looks great

  • Britney looks great here. I don’t see why some have to say that she is fat. Clearly she is not. She has a body that a real man would love. She is healthy looking here and that is what really counts.

  • because being fat would be a bad thing? why would it matter even if she was? i’m sick of this beautiful being the opposite of fat bullshit. she looks awesome. women are so constrained and bound, how dare they “let themselves go”. she’s allowed to be famous and be whatever size she wants.

  • id bang her, most people including the media think you can only be sexy if you are as skinny as a rake, love girls with meat on their bones, curves, she is a real women