written by irene

Britney Spears Washed Out In Costa Rica

Recovering addict and former pop princess Britney Spears looked like a washed out (literally speaking) bikini-clad lady in Costa Rica. Fortunately, Brit looked as if she was having a good time anyway! Britney brought along a skim board and a guy pal (I guess that’s her instructor?) and of course, her always-on-hand dark sunglasses! Leave it to Britney to wear dark sunglasses while splashing around on the beach! Click for more photos of Brit in the beaches of beautiful Costa Rica!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears in Costa Rica Britney Spears photos Britney Spears 3.jpg Britney Spears 4.jpg Britney Spears 5.jpg Britney Spears 6.jpg Britney Spears 7.jpg Britney Spears goes swimming Britney Spears 9.jpg Britney Spears 10.jpg Britney Spears with some guy


  • Not so bad looking for Britney Spears.

  • Still her best teenage years are over.

  • Recovering from addiction is not something one can truly comptrehend unless you are recovering yourself. When you point a finger at a recovering alcholic and judge anything about them, pause and look at the other 3 fingers that are pointing back at you.

  • Let’s face it, any guy here would still have sex with Britney. She looks like she’d be especially fun to take from behind.

  • cmon Britney you can get better than this!

  • were i can get de HQ wallpapers of britney………………..

  • Jennifer Lopez has harder biceps, that’s all I can say. Britney’s arms are flabby and weak.

  • she could do with working her upper body a bit but wouldnt say shes weak. those leg muscles still look like they could could crush anything

  • I would smash her end of, any time any day