written by Wanda

Brittany Snow Hits Katsuya

I often forget about Brittany Snow. There’s another young blond actress I confuse her with (I’m thinking of a specific one whose name escapes me at the moment), so I’m going to be careful with this post. One of the young blond actresses has made a name for herself as a bit of a party animal. The other one has not and I can’t for the life of me remember which one Brittany is. Sorry folks, but I’m a human being and my memory isn’t always flawless. I’ve been a fan of Brittany as an actress since I saw her in ‘John Tucker Must Die’ and even liked her in the otherwise forgettable ‘Prom Night’. Here at Katsuya restaurant, Brittney looks pretty cute in her short black dress and I’m really liking the casual sort of vibe she gives.

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