written by Wanda

Brooke Burke Always Gives Me The Warm And Fuzzies

I love Brooke Burke. I really do. I think she’s fantastic. Her banter on Dancing with the Stars is occasionally painful to watch but she always gives it her best shot. She’s such a stunning woman and she’s such a strong, confident woman. I really admire her for being so open and honest with her fans about the things she’s been through. And again, there’s the whole being gorgeous thing. In these photos from the Mickey Through the Decades Collection launch, Brooke is looking cute and all but I’m not sure I love the photos as a whole. I think it was an especially casual event – based on these shots and the shots I posted of Jennifer Love Hewitt from the same event – but I don’t think the outfit works together. Of course it doesn’t really matter in the end. Brooke still looks fabulous.

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