written by Wanda

Brooke Burke Shines Without Makeup Again.

I love Brooke Burke-Charvet. I love everything about her. She’s sexy, she’s confident and she isn’t afraid to have her picture taken without a stitch of makeup on her face. I wasn’t entirely in love with the last set of photos of Brooke Burke without makeup but these ones are far more flattering. Perhaps it was the hat that wasn’t working for me in the last pictures because I’m really loving these ones. Of course, it also may be the bikini. It not only looks fantastic on her but it’s a nice suit as well. I love the cut outs on the hips and back. It actually looks fairly comfortable – not something I often think when I look at bikinis.


  • god what a babe, great body, so sexy

  • Wow that is a great suit. I think that the cut outs make it sexier. Gives more skin to show off. How hot. I love it and wish that my gal would have a suit like this. Smoking HOT.

  • Brooke Burke is gorgeous without makeup. I enjoy seeing what celebs look like without makeup and she is stunning. Some celebs really need it but she does not. I am glad that she is willing to go without makeup and show the world her true side. Stunning.

  • This suit is amazing. I have never seen one like that before. I would be leary of wearing it as it looks like it could fall off any minute. Brooke looks great though in it and you can not even tell she is not wearing any makeup.

  • gorgeous women., amazing body