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Brooke Hogan Getting Lotioned Up By Her Dad!

Okay, hold your breath because failed singing star Brooke Hogan (who apparently does better as a reality show star) is getting all tanned up and all lotioned up by her own father, the notable Hulk Hogan! For you perverts out there, this is, of course, a field day for y’all. However, let’s look at the positive side of this – they do share a healthy father-daughter relationship and even amidst all these reports of polygamists and dads knockin’ up their own daughters (you better do your research on the most recent Austria case), at least we can see that Brooke and her dad can set the example of pure family love and respect.

Hulk Hogan

swimming pool Brooke Hogan tanning Hogan's family Brooke Hogan 4.jpg Brooke Hogan 5.jpg Brooke Hogan 6.jpg Brooke Hogan 7.jpg Brooke Hogan ass


  • What the hell was he thinking of? This is sick man!

  • ooow disgusting

  • why does he need to touch her ass? i dont get this

  • I would do the same :)))

  • J.John .. may I ask you where do you live?

  • US.. I think you might expected other country.. no way.. I would still do the same as Mr. steroid did.

  • weirdos xD

  • Put suntan oil on your kid, so fucking what… you people must have no relationship with your parents??? Your mom or dad cant hug or kiss you in a non sexual way?? Or put fucking ointment on you without it being some perverted shit. idiots

  • I bet she needs her ass well oiled lol

  • she needs her ass well oiled Yes~~~My friends are busy with talking about this now at where singer and hollywood celebrities are connecting!

  • You know mr Hulk is enjoying that one.

  • Hmmmzzz how can he even think of doing that

  • maybe until shes 5 yrs. old after that your just a perv. she cant oil her own legs up is she all that

  • that’s something you can’t be proud of!

  • Brooke Hogan has ass everybody would be proud of!

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  • wtf is wrong with you people. Its your minds in the gutter, thats all. He’s even using the outside of his handle for most of it. you people are sick for thinking that when you see this image, not him for helping his own daughter while being spied on by sleaze papparazi for ur pleasure

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