written by Ann

Brooke Hogan Is Super Girl

Brooke Hogan tried to prove that she was super strong. We’ve seen how hard she exercised to build up those muscles and tone for her body. I believe she could effortlessly lift the guy in a piggy-back or in any position. Brooke was quite a joker in these beach break capers. She tried to practice her aerobic moves and looked like she was trying to lift off from the sandy runway.

Brooke Hogan

Brooke Hogan aerobic moves Brooke Hogan wearing bikini Brooke Hogan 3.jpg Brooke Hogan 4.jpg Brooke Hogan 5.jpg Brooke Hogan 6.jpg Brooke Hogan 7.jpg Brooke Hogan 8.jpg Brooke Hogan 9.jpg


  • Fly to the sky my baby fly (:

  • she is ugly and jumping like a bunny makes her even more weird

    • Then u r a dick head

  • disgusting

  • i think the hours in the gym have paid off. she has an outstanding body. just cos shes stronger than most girls & guys dont mean she aint hot

  • she is not ugly and has a nice body, baffles me why people post comments on her page if they find her ugly?

  • She is hot I want her in bed