written by Wanda

Brooke Hogan Launches Her PETA Poster

Brooke Hogan is 23 years old. From these pictures, taken as she unveiled her new PETA poster, I wasn’t entirely convinced that was true. I went to Wikipedia for confirmation and discovered that yes, Brooke Hogan is 23 years old. She was born on May 15, 1988. I am five years older than this girl and she looks like she could be my mother, granted I look like I’m about 12. I get ID’d to go to R-rated movies. I doubt Brooke gets ID’s to do anything. I mean, she looks good and all but she looks so much older than 23. If I didn’t know better from looking at these pictures, I would’ve assumed Brooke was in her 30’s at the very least – maybe more. Having seen other pictures of Brooke taken recently, I have to assume the culprit here is too much makeup. She can be a very pretty girl but she needs to rely a little less on the makeup. She looks so much better fresh faced.


  • Sing it now: “Stacy’s mom has got it going on…” *Irony!*

    Maybe she smokes? That’s a great way to look older than you are. Of course when you’re 50, you’ll look 80.

    What R-rated movie did you get ID’d at? Was it “Honk If You’re Horny”? They got me, too. :P

    • I am a little shamed to admit, i got ID’d when I went to see Final Destination 5. I’m more ashamed to admit that I’m a smoker too, although I’m pretty sure Brooke is as well. The big difference is I don’t really wear much makeup and I rarely go out in the sun.

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