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Brooke Hogan Proud UCLA Girl

I wonder if Brooke Hogan really IS from UCLA? Brooke recently sported this white UCLA shirt on the set of Hogan Knows Best – her family’s very own reality show. Wait, aren’t her parents getting a divorce? Don’t the tabloids say that the Hulkster had an affair with his own daughter’s friend? Ahh the drama! So full of drama we all wanna lap it up! Brooke wore this shirt with tight fitting exercise pants. Rockin’ bod, girl!

Brooke Hogan

Brooke Hogan UCLA Brooke Hogan running Brooke Hogan 20.jpg Brooke Hogan 21.jpg Brooke Hogan 3.jpg Brooke Hogan 4.jpg Brooke Hogan 5.jpg Brooke Hogan 6.jpg Brooke Hogan 7.jpg Brooke Hogan 8.jpg Brooke Hogan 9.jpg Brooke Hogan 10.jpg Brooke Hogan 11.jpg Brooke Hogan 12.jpg Brooke Hogan 13.jpg Brooke Hogan 14.jpg Brooke Hogan 15.jpg Brooke Hogan 16.jpg Brooke Hogan 17.jpg Brooke Hogan 18.jpg Brooke Hogan 19.jpg


  • Brooke Hogan looks fat and funny

  • No she doesn’t. She’s fit and sexy.

  • who the smokin ass bitch wit her

  • I don’t see a bitch in that picture, Rick. Are you seeing things?

    Blog author: Maybe she really did go to UCLA. You never know. Or maybe it’s just a fashion thing. I have a Stanford sweater and I’ve never been anywhere near Stanford :-)

  • I don’t think she looks fat at all; I think she looks healthy and very sexy!

  • Totally agree, Hip Hop Anon. I think it’s quite sad that someone can look at her and think she’s fat. I don’t see it. I really don’t. I guess we are all a measure of our different experiences and to P22Girl, Brooke looks fat. Thank God it’s just her opinion though, not a fact.


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