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Brooke Hogan’s Shapely Legs

Brooke Hogan was determined to get some exercise despite the cold weather outdoors in Miami. Hogan gamely donned a sweater to do some roller blading. Hogan could not resist the urge to show off her shapely legs in a pair of shorts. Hogan skated along South Beach on Saturday, Jan 17. She was rumored to have started work on a new album. After being holed up in the studio for long stretches, Hogan made the best use of her free time doing the exercise she loved – roller blading.

Brooke Hogans shapely legs

Brooke Hogans shapely legs Brooke Hogans shapely legs Brooke Hogans shapely legs

Brooke Hogans shapely legs

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  • WOW.. Brooke Hogan is getting better :p

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