written by Ann

Brooke Hogan’s Black Bikini

Brooke Hogan was at a swimming pool in Los Angeles. She wore her cutest bikini to tempt one of the taller guys around. I’m glad to see that there are taller guys than Brooke to be found. She seemed to be relaxed and focused on her activity. The last I read from Brook’s official blog was about her dealing with her parents’ divorce. It was a tough time to get through. It is a long process too. Chin up, girl. You’ll be fine.

Brooke Hogan

Brooke Hogan, bikini

swimming pool

black bikini

sunny day

Los Angeles

Hulk Hogan daughter

naked Brooke Hogan



  • Unfortunately she looks good in a bikini. At least not too much covered with makeup.

  • Cute couple. Hard to believe,i heard this news many times from many friends AND i think that they are know nothing but dating and love.

  • great pics I wonder if any body got pictures from behind to get a better look at that ass!!