written by Ann

Brooke Hogan’s Skimpy Bikini

Brooke Hogan was indulging in one of her favorite pastimes in Miami on July 24. She looked sexy in her skimpy bikini. There was a joke being circulated about Brooke having to apply her own sun tan lotion. One of the previous times was done by her Dad, Hulk Hogan and the media never forgave him for it. Hulk was teased relentlessly about smearing the stuff on her. So Brooke and Daddy Dearest have learned their lessons. Brooke applied her own lotion, at least in these pictures.

Brooke Hogan

bikini sexy Brooke Hogan Brooke Hogan 3.jpg Brooke Hogan 4.jpg Brooke Hogan 5.jpg Brooke Hogan 6.jpg Brooke Hogan 7.jpg Brooke Hogan nude Brooke Hogan in pool Brooke Hogan 10.jpg Brooke Hogan 11.jpg Brooke Hogan ass Brooke Hogan 13.jpg Brooke Hogan 14.jpg Brooke Hogan 15.jpg tan lotion Brooke Hogan 17.jpg Brooke Hogan 19.jpg Brooke Hogan 20.jpg Brooke Hogan 21.jpg Brooke Hogan 22.jpg Brooke Hogan 23.jpg Brooke Hogan 24.jpg Brooke Hogan 25.jpg


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