written by Wanda

Brooklyn Decker And Her Boobs

Victoria’s Secret model, frequent television guest star and wife of Andy Roddick hit the beach in a bikini. Sexiness followed. This girl is hot but I can’t help feeling a little sorry for her bikini top. That poor bastard looks like it’s stretched to the max. I didn’t know they made industrial strength bikini tops. If I were her, I’d be concerned that thing is going to give up the battle at any moment and burst. What a pity that would be, right? Just kidding. I tease Brooklyn because she’s gorgeous, is killing it in that bikini and is freaking married to Andy Roddick. I don’t think I’ve been this jealous of a pretty blond since Gwen Stefani married Gavin Rossdale.


  • what a perfect view… her boobs are really busting out.. :))

  • nice cleavage

  • the top picture is awesome

  • she is so fit, i always see her tennis when watching rod*** and thick god she is so hot, great rack on her, pretty face, she would get it. wont see her much now tho as andy rod*** retired now

  • great boobs