written by Wanda

Brunette Lady Gaga And Her Tattoos On The Beach.

These photos could possibly be my favorite set of photos of Lady Gaga ever. They’re just so unexpected. I’ve long said that the only way Gaga could really still shock people after the meat dress, the weird egg thing and her cross dressing would be to wear something completely normal and that’s exactly what she’s done in these photos from Rio de Janeiro. If I didn’t know better, I’m not sure I’d even believe that was Mother Monster. The bikini is normal. The hair is normal. The sunglasses are normal. She looks just like the average girl on the beach and I absolutely love that. This is a woman who goes out of her way to stand out. It’s kind of nice to see her blending in. I’m also a big fan of the tattoos. I have a lot of tattoos myself so I guess I feel Gaga and I have that in common. I love these photos. She looks fantastic.


  • Wow I would have never expected that to be Lady Gaga. Just does not look like her. But anyway she looks good. I prefer her hair in this shade over the blonde. She should keep it like this all the time. Makes her look younger in my book.

  • nice and curvy, oh yh