written by Wanda

Cameron Diaz At The Bad Teacher Photocall

I feel dirty for admitting this, but I actually really want to see ‘Bad Teacher’. Everything about it seems wrong. The whole premise seems a bit ridiculous but I refuse to think anything with Jason Segel can be as bad as this movie sounds. I remember hearing about ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ and skipping it despite the fact that Jason is one of my favorite comedic actors. When I was eventually talked into watching it, I regretted not watching it sooner. I won’t make that mistake with this one, especially considering how hot I’m assuming Cameron Diaz is going to be in it. These pictures from the ‘Bad Teacher’ photocall in Madrid back up that assumption – in theory at least. I’m not crazy over the wardrobe choices Cameron has made for this one in general, but she’s showing off those gorgeous legs of hers, so I won’t complain too much. I’ll admit, the gossip hound in my is also a little excited to see Cameron sharing the stage with ex-boyfriend, Justin Timberlake. Should be interesting at least.


  • I have seen parts of this movie and the parts I saw were pretty good. I have to admit that I love Cameron Diaz so of course I wanted to see her in it. She is so fine. I would consider watching the whole movie if I got the chance.

  • I have yet to see Bad Teacher. I love Cameron Diaz but have not found the time to watch it. She is such a doll. She just looks like she could be the best friend that everyone needs and wants.