written by Christine

Camilla The Belle Of The Ball In Berlin

Here is Camilla Belle showing the good folks in Berlin, Germany just exactly how hot she really is.  Camilla wowed the crowds and those lingering on the sidelines of the red carpet at the “10,000 B.C.” world premiere that was hosted in Berline, Germany.  For the event Camilla wore an empire waisted gown with an interesting bodice.  Looking closeup the bodice on the gown almost looks like B.C. armor. An interesting choice given the occasion. But she is a beauty nonetheless!

Camilla Belle 8.jpg

Camilla Belle 1.jpg Camilla Belle 2.jpg Camilla Belle 3.jpg Camilla Belle 4.jpg Camilla Belle 5.jpg Camilla Belle 6.jpg Camilla Belle 7.jpg Camilla Belle 8.jpg Camilla Belle 9.jpg

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  • she is so fit


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