written by Wanda

Candace Bailey Looks Gorgeous.

I usually try to think up a snappy title for these posts but in honor of Candace Bailey, I decided to keep it simple. Why? Because that’s what Candace has chosen to do in these photos. Her bikini isn’t especially revealing and the blue and white stripped pattern is far from bold but that’s really what I like about it. It doesn’t look like Candace was dressing to grab attention here. It looks like she was dressing to be comfortable and that’s not something I’m used to seeing. She looks fabulous, of course, but her low key style actually makes her stand out more. I haven’t yet seen Candace in her new gig as co-host of “Attack of the Show” but I remember her from “Jericho”, a show I loved dearly and miss terribly. After “Jericho” (unfairly) got the ax, Candace worked as a waitress and a babysitter, making her more appreciative of the opportunities she had as an actress. It really shows. She seems to be so grounded. Love this woman. I hope there are big, big things in her future.


  • very pretty

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