written by Wanda

Candice Swanepoel Is Most Definitely A Bombshell.

I’m not sure Victoria’s Secret could’ve chosen a better face for the VS Bombshell Bling fragrance campaign. These photos from the shoot just back up that theory. This woman is so beautiful it’s a little ridiculous. She is easily one of my favorite Victoria’s Secret models and let’s be honest, picking one of those isn’t easy. A lot of people like to say Candice is too skinny but I don’t see it. I think she’s got an incredible body. I sometimes like women with a little more meat on their bones but I do like skinnier girls as well. Candice is a good example of a thin girl who still looks womanly. I love this woman.

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  • Candice you are a gorgeous woman. I would love to look like you if I could. You have flawless skin, a great face and a wonderful figure. I think that you are a dream model. You deserve the best. I hope that you have getting it.