written by Wanda

Candice Swanepoel Models For Victoria’s Secret

If I had unlimited amounts of money I would own every article of clothing pictured on Candice Swanepoel in these photos. I love Victoria’s Secret. If I had any say in the matter, I would never wear anything else. With that said, I would have to buy things a size or two above Candice because this girl is tiny. I think she’s absolutely gorgeous and I love her sort of flirty way of looking at the camera, but there’s a line between skinny and two skinny and sometimes Candice looks like she’s crossing that line. There pictures aren’t that bad, though. She looks like she might actually be starting to gain a bit of weight. She at least looks healthy which is more than I can say for some of her other pictures. All the same, this girl is quickly becoming one of my favorite Victoria’s Secret models.

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