written by Wanda

Caprice Bourret In Floral Printed Bikini

Caprice Bourret, or just Caprice if you prefer, is often known as one of the UK’s most famous models and looking at these pictures in Saint Barthelemy, it isn’t hard to tell why. She’s a gorgeous woman – long legs, a tight, toned stomach, nice boobs and a butt to match. She’s the total package. I’ll be honest, she isn’t my favorite model, but she is a lot of fun to look at. I know some people are going to be screaming cellulite over some of these pictures, but who cares? In the grand scheme of things – looking at the big picture – does a little bit of cellulite really matter. It’s barely noticeable. And hey, we get to see a picture of her apparently picking a wedgie. That’s always a nice shot to get.

Caprice Bourret Caprice Bourret Caprice BourretCaprice Bourret Caprice Bourret Caprice Bourret Caprice Bourret Caprice Bourret

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  • Man, is she ever yesterday’s leftovers….