written by irene

Caribbean Bikini Beauty Chanelle Hayes

Who has seen a bikini clad beauty in the Caribbean? I bet you have…at least in pictures, right? But have you seen a sexy, bikini clad beauty in the Caribbean who could talk on the cellular phone while wading in water? Yep, you read that right. Chanelle Hayes made quite a splash in the Caribbean as she wore an itsy bitsy tube bikini. She flaunted her shapely curves and the teasing tattoo on the small of her back… but she also got to do something so extraordinary (at least for some!)… find out after the jump!

Chanelle Hayes

Chanelle Hayes in Bikini Chanelle Hayes 3.jpg Chanelle Hayes 4.jpg Chanelle Hayes 5.jpg Chanelle Hayes 6.jpg Chanelle Hayes 7.jpg Chanelle Hayes 8.jpg Chanelle Hayes 9.jpg Chanelle Hayes 10.jpg Chanelle Hayes 11.jpg Chanelle Hayes 12.jpg Chanelle Hayes 13.jpg Chanelle Hayes 14.jpg


  • Chanelle Hayes is only Big Brother babe I like.

  • the body is complete perfection. she is my ideal women

  • i agree with ste, lovely looking women and an outstanding body, i wish she was in my bed, love to cuddle with her all night


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