written by Wanda

Carmen Electra And Ronda Rousey Work Out In LA.

Every time I see Carmen Electra, my heart stops just a little bit. She is just breathtaking to me. Has she had a lot of work down? Probably and I honestly couldn’t care less. I think she’s stunning and beautiful and a million other words that mean basically the same thing. The last time I posted about Carmen, someone asked about the black nipple belt picture and I have to say, that remains my all time favorite Carmen picture but these ones are actually pretty close to the top of the list as well. They seem more casual and a bit less rehearsed. I like that idea. As she works out with and Ronda Rousey in LA, I have to admit it’s a little hard to focus on Ronda. Carmen is all I see. No offense to Ronda though. I can’t think of many women who would be able to shine next to Carmen in my eyes.


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