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Carmen Electra Has Popping Boobs

Carmen Electra is looking great these days. She has a big bust and great photogenic looks. Here, she plays up to the camera, and it loves her coquettish sexiness. Carmen remains a popular hot favorite with fans who love her eye popping boobies. She is a guy’s dream come true – hot, sexy and inviting …

Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra Shooting Carmen Electra 2.jpg Carmen Electra 3.jpg Carmen Electra 4.jpg Carmen Electra 5.jpg Carmen Electra 6.jpg Carmen Electra 7.jpg Carmen Electra 8.jpg


  • My friend has an obsession with her. He liked her best in Epic Movie, when she had all of that blue make up on. She looks better her though imo!

  • Great pics. Carmen Electra is super smoking hot, one of my favorite women for sure. I can’t decide which picture of the bunch is my favorite! They’re all so great!

  • wow, she is sooo hot , she makes pamela anderson look like bald old man .Her strip teasing lessons make her look more hotter than ever.All these pictures are so dreamlike .

  • That’s what really called a ‘gift’. An almost perfect body and beauty that men turn around and make them come to a dreamland just to have her. But please, guys come back to reality. There’s only one Carmen Electra, unless she’ll be cloned a million times.

  • I want to suck carmen’s BOOBS.

  • Do you know why I like these photos? ‘Cos she looks sexy AND has clothes on. She looks gorgeous.

    Fucker: what you want to do to Carmen and what Carmen wants are two totally different things. I hope you realise that.

  • i wanna prees n lik her big balls lk anythun n mak her pregnant

  • i wanna gang rape her n make her suc m cock n wanna put the sperm in her mouth


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