written by Wanda

Carmen Electra I Don’t Love. Something Doesn’t Feel Right About This.

Here’s a little something you probably don’t need to know about me. I’ve been spoiled. All through May and June, we’ve had unseasonably cool weather. It’s been a little rainy and gray for my taste but I have been careful not to complain about the temperature because I knew it was far cooler than it should have been at this time of the year. All of that came to a screeching halt yesterday afternoon when the warm weather hit. Good heavens – it’s so freaking hot. I’m typing this in my bra and panties and it’s still too freaking hot. Why write all of this? Because this heat is making me cranky and clearly crazy. How can I be so sure of this? Easy. I looked at these photos of Carmen Electra and I didn’t fall in love with them immediately. That almost never happens with Carmen photos. She’s one of my all time favorite female celebrities and one of my biggest girl crushes. How could I not be in love with these photos? I’m heat crazy, that’s why. It’s the only logical explanation I can come up with.

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