written by Wanda

Carmen Electra Is Still Absolutely Stunning.

It’s been quite a number of years since I was a teenager but I still clearly recall being a teenage girl with a giant crush on Carmen Electra who wasn’t afraid to tell everyone all about it. The internet was still a fairly new fangled thing to me and I had just gotten my very first printer. I spent hours printing off various photos of Carmen, carefully cutting them out and taping them all over my binders for school. I’m 30 now and must’ve been about fourteen when my Carmen fixation began. Today I am just as fixated on her as ever and these photos are a great example of why. The woman is absolutely gorgeous. While I’m sure she’s had a little help maintaining her good looks, I can’t argue with the result. I love Carmen and I adore these photos.


  • Did you print the one where she had on what I would call a “nipple belt”? Day’m! That was hot.

    • I know! That photo remains my absolute favorite Carmen Electra picture. So hot!