written by Wanda

Carmen Electra Is Super Flexible

Hey look, everyone! It’s Carmen Electra showing off how in shape she is – not to mention how flexible. I know I can be a little inconsistent on my feelings regarding many celebs, but I honestly really like Carmen. She isn’t the classiest broad in the business, but she’s never claimed otherwise. She isn’t the best actress but who really expects her to be. Carmen is known for being hot and while you might not hear her name as often as you once did, she’s still a knockout. If any other celebrity was photographed in some of these positions, we might be shocked, but it surprises absolutely no one with this woman. She knows how to bring the sexy and I love her for it.


  • Wow! I am amazed how stretchable is she :)

  • See if I so much as tried any of those, particularly the one in the main photo, I’d be rushed to hospital quick time! I can just about bend down to tie my shoes let alone a yoga pose. Big up to Carmen Electra for being able to do it miles better than me :-)

  • It would be my pleasure to bend her over and butter her buns!

  • I would love to be able to do yoga like this. Unfortunately the body does not allow me to do this, as I am so stiff and not very flexible. If only I could be as flexible as Carmen that would be so awesome.