written by Wanda

Carmen Electra Rarely Lets Me Down, But …

I love Carmen Electra and I almost always think she looks fantastic but I’m not crazy over these photos. It’s weird. It’s really weird. I think she looks great and all but I’m just kind of bored. When I see Carmen’s name pop up on my assignment list, I always get super excited. Such was the case with this set of photos. When I opened the photos, I didn’t get more excited. I have to take full responsibility for that. Carmen looks great but I’m just not feeling these photos. It happens, I suppose. It just doesn’t typically happen with Carmen. I guess it’s probably the setting. I get excited over some candid shots like these ones but it takes a little something special to make that happen and in all honesty, there just isn’t really anything special about these shots. Sorry Carmen. I’m sure you’ll get me next time.

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  • How could Carmen possibly get you down-She always seems to get me up.