written by Ann

Carmen Electra’s Sexy Legs Photoshoot

Carmen Electra did a photoshoot for MTV in Sirmione. She showed her long, sexy legs. I think that is in Italy. She looked great in her attire. There are some juicy rumor tidbits about Electra. She may be teamed up with Jenny McCarthy, and Kim Kardashian to co-host the Leather and Laces Super Bowl Party on Jan. 30, 2009. The big bash will be held at Jackson’s Bistro, on Harbor Island. This party will be sold on a ticket basis and it costs $500 per head. Some money will be donated to a charity related to autism.

Carmen Electra

photoshoot for MTV in Sirmione Electrag Carmen Electra is dancing Jenny McCarthy, and Kim Kardashian Carmen Electra 5.jpg Carmen Electra 6.jpg Carmen Electra 7.jpg Carmen Electra 8.jpg Carmen Electra 9.jpg Carmen Electra 10.jpg Carmen Electra photoshoot Carmen Electra 12.jpg sexy legs


  • What a great body she has for woman her age.

  • Boots on chicks suck ass! Why? Because you can only see half of their legs. She may as well be wearing pants.

  • I agree I love to see bare legs!