written by Wanda

Carmen Electra Shows Off The Girls In A Pink One Piece.

One thing I’ve always admired about Carmet Eletra over everything else is her ability to play to her strengths. It just so happens she has a great many strengths to play to. I recently heard a rumor that Carmen is dating Simon Cowell which is weird to me. I’m more inclined to believe they’re talking business. As far as I know, Simon’s US adaptation of “The X Factor” is still looking for a host as talks with one of the Kardashians seem to be falling through. I think Carmen would be a great host for the show and it would make sense that Simon would want her on board. With that said, if the rumors are true, I think they’d make a surprisingly good pair. Sure, she’s infinitely more attractive than him but aside from Dave Navarro, that’s always been the case with the men she’s dated. I think Simon is smart enough to keep her interested (I’ve always heard Carmen is quite an intelligent woman) but has that mean streak I think would keep her entertained. As for why Simon would be interested in her – well, these pictures should be answer enough there.



  • Carmen is one hot babe. But how may I ask can you go for someone like Simon? Lucky bastard if it is true. She looks great letting the girls somewhat free here. Carmen is a true goddess.

  • what a sexy babe,

  • your correct she ia a goddess, stunning women, great body

  • awesome body, dem boobies