written by Ann

Carmen Electra’s Intimate Photos

Carmen Electra always looked more beautiful in her photo shoots. Here, she posed for Isabel Snyder. Carmen has amassed quite a fortune in her professional and private career. Recently, Carmen and her fiancé, Rob Patterson, were overheard discussing about a pre-nuptial agreement. The couple was having their pedicures done in a nail salon when Carmen asked Rob to determine a common time for them to attend a session together withan attorney.

Carmen Electra

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  • sexy… wondering what will Masta say hehe

  • omf doctor what i will say is that Carmen is so hot and so tight! Keep it Up !

  • i think she looks great because at least she’s ecouraging natural body definition and not plastic surgery.

  • when u’re bron with perfect body then it’s normal that You don’t need to do plastic surgery :p

  • Njummy :)

  • you cant seriously think she was born with this body….google what she looked like before Prince….you probably think electra’s her real last name too

  • sure why not? Electra is a nice name man/girl! :D