written by Wanda

Carrie Underwood Glams It Up For A New Photo Shoot

“American Idol” has kind of lost my attention this year. Perhaps that’s because I watched “The Voice”, “The X-Factor” and “America’s Got Talent”. A girl can only take so many reality show competitions. I’m sure I’ll get into it again before the live shows start. I do every year. Truth be told though, I think I’m a little frustrated with Idol. Although I’ve liked people on the last few seasons (Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams last season? Please! Love them), I haven’t gotten really excited about a winner since Carrie Underwood. The woman is so incredibly talented. It’s great to see her continuing to do so well. Of course it doesn’t hurt that she’s beautiful but she’s a lot more than that. In these pictures for a recent photo shoot, Carrie’s natural charisma shines through. She looks like a woman who loves what she does and I love that about her.


  • I stopped watching the whole batch of talent shows a while ago. They’re kinda all similar to me. I think Simon Cowell made a mistake coming up with X Factor USA. I don’t see the point of it.

    I like Carrie Underwood. I hope she continues to do what she does best.

  • My absolute favorite of all the pictures here is the one where she has the mic wrapped around her (the pic at the bottom). Love it! I like the way it was taken. The mic is an essential part of her profession.

  • I don’t think I like the combination of the purple dress with those mustard yellow shoes. A simple pair of black heels would have done the trick, I feel. The dress in and of itself is enough to carry a simple pair of black shoes, not the ones she has on. However, she looks gorgeous in all of the pictures.

  • I see what you mean, Yooif. I would have gone for a darker pair of shoes for her too. However, to me it’s not terribly bad what she’s wearing – the combination of the colors isn’t the worst I’ve seen – and trust me I’ve seen a lot worse on a celebrity.

  • Yes, you certainly have a point there! I’ve seen some atrocious fashion wear on some celebrities, such that I’ve almost felt the need to get down on my knees and say a prayer for them! They either need a personal stylist in their lives or they have a stylist they really need to sue.

  • She is very underrated, she has the greatest legs ever. My favorite pic is the ones with her dress being blown uo, you can really see her beatiful, sexy legs

  • I see what you mean, Jimmy. She does have rather nice legs. The ones with the air blowing round her dress are nice, but I prefer the one where one leg’s showing – looks classier (the pic right at the top).

  • She keeps getting more and more beautiful every second of every day!