written by Wanda

Carrie Underwood Is A Beer Drinking Bikini Babe.

Those of you who have been visiting us for a while likely know I’m an “American Idol” fan. I’m a fan of the judges but I’m more a fan of the talent and in my humble opinion, Carrie Underwood is one of the most talented artists ever discovered by Idol. She has a fantastic voice and she knows how to handle herself on stage. As it turns out, she also knows how to look fantastic in a bikini. My favorite part about these pictures though? The beer! I don’t know why but there has always been this misconception out there that beautiful women don’t drink beer. This is false and Carrie proves it. I think she looks stunning here and more than that, she looks like she’s having a good time. I love Carrie. It’s nice to see her taking a little time to relax. She deserves it.


  • Amazing body!

  • Any woman that drinks beer looks better. Carrie Underwood is looking good and the beer drinking is a turn on. Looks like she loves having fun, and that she could just hang with the boys for the day, awesome.

  • Nothing is as hot as a girl who is all country who drinks beer, my drink of choice. That is a total turn on to me. And Carrie is so stinking cute, I would love to drink with her.

  • great body