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Carrie Underwood Is A Laid Back Country Lass

This Kenneth Willardt photo shoot sure does depict American Idol Carrie Underwood as one laid back country girl. Fashionable and pretty country girl, that is. Carrie, who has truly gone a long way since she won the said talent show, may just very well be the most successful American Idol to date. Do you guys agree? She’s also very successful in the LUV department. She’s said to be dating Tony Romo. Anyhoo, click, click, click for more Carrie photos!

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is American Idol Kenneth Willardt photo shoot Carrie Underwood dating Tony Romo Carrie Underwood 4.jpg Carrie Underwood 5.jpg Carrie Underwood 6.jpg Carrie Underwood 7.jpg Carrie Underwood 8.jpg Carrie Underwood 9.jpg Carrie Underwood 10.jpg Carrie Underwood 11.jpg Carrie Underwood 12.jpg


  • Will you be my wife? God your so beautiful

  • i bet there is a banging body under those clothes

  • she is so awesome thanks for those wonderful pictures!!

  • This chick is cute as beans, but she is almost stick like.


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