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Cat Deeley At Brit Week Party

Cat Deeley, aka Catherine Elizabeth Deeley, was at the Brit Week party in LA. She wore a sexy dress that was cut off the shoulder. It had large arm holes and afforded generous peeks into the side cleavage. I like her strappy heels and manicured toes. Cat was carrying this season’s hottest evening bags – the clutch bag. Cat will be seen soon in a new UK dating show called The Big Match. She would also be hosting “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Cat Deeley

Brit Week party So You Think You Can Dance The Big Match Catherine Elizabeth Deeley UK Celebrity strappy heels Cat Deeley showing off her legs Cat Deeley 8.jpg Cat Deeley 9.jpg Cat Deeley 10.jpg Cat Deeley 11.jpg Cat Deeley 12.jpg Cat Deeley 13.jpg evening bags


  • lick her ass and cum on her face.

  • met cat in birmingham a few yrs ago now she is very nice, pretty women, always thought she was a babe anyway, she is very tall too I am 6 foot tall and was barely taller than her tho she had heels on, she is maybe 5’9 or something i guess she is tall which is good,

    I love tall women

  • wow nice u met her wayne, lucky guy, glad to hear she is so nice, I met Jaye Jacobs who was in holby city and now Waterloo rd and she is very nice not to mention a gorgeous women, her is a skirt is awesome, she is a milf for sure

  • yes wayne she is indeed 5’9, celeb heights has her at that, glad to read she is nice and down to earth so nice to hear of celebs who dont have their heads up their own arses, so nice to hear it and she is a stunning women and on the above post yes Jaye Jacobs is a stunning women with an amazing curvy body, another beauty

  • Jaye Jacobs is a hottie yes definetley she has nice big boobs, good figure, she is not well known tho.

    cat is fit as fk

  • Angela Griffiths too is yummy, similar to jaye jacobs both mixed raced hotties who were in waterloo rd, love to smash both, cat is pure class

  • she has nice long legs, Angela Griffin not Griffiths she is fit milf sure

  • cat is a leggy sexy women, great pins on a sexy tall women


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