written by Wanda

Cat Deeley Frolics On The Beach

Yeah, I’m sorry boys – I just don’t get the appeal here. I started watching “So You Think You Can Dance” last season which, of course, Cat Deeley hosts. I found her grating and really, not that attractive at all. I suppose she’s got a nice enough body but her face just does nothing for me. And before anyone asks, yes, Cat is still much, much more attractive than me. Way more attractive than me. I’m not a celebrity though so I’m only judged by the villagers that scurry away when I leave my tower. I’m kidding of course. Still, I just don’t get what the big deal is with Cat. To each their own though.


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  • “judged by the villagers that scurry away when I leave my tower” – made me chuckle!

    Personality-wise, I think Cat Deeley is lovely, down to earth, unpretentious. When I saw her on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, she looked quite thin to me, very narrow hips and legs. It might have been what it was at the time, but in these pictures, I must say she looks healthier, so that’s good.

    Pharmk480: ever considered being a linguist?

  • seen her in person in bham along with Clare Nasir she is very pretty too.

  • you seen her in person, what was she like , i wish i saw her in person

  • This website great, 2 people should be added- Karren Brady and Jo JOYNER, 2 BUSTY CURVY MILFS

  • she is pretty, much better on this site and much worser, I agree on Jo joyner she is fit as fuck, great milf, love her curves and shows cleavage

  • cat is nice