written by Wanda

Cat Deeley Has Sexy Body

I really like Cat Deeley. I’ve never really been a fan of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ but I love her as host so I keep tuning in. She’s always entertaining to watch and it doesn’t hurt in the least that she’s gorgeous. The former model and current face (and hair) of Pantene hair care products in the UK knows how to wear a bikini. That much is certain. She has curves in all the right places; not a rail thing starlet but a sexy woman who clearly takes care of her body. She seems comfortable with herself, even if she doesn’t necessarily seem comfortable with cameras snapping her picture poolside. I love that. She doesn’t shy away from the lime light but she doesn’t beg for it either. She’s a class act.

Cat Deeley Cat Deeley Cat Deeley Cat Deeley Cat Deeley Cat Deeley Cat Deeley Cat Deeley


  • she is gorgeous

  • yes she is very nice

  • nice,

    Any Chance of getting some Karren Brady shots on here, she is not everyone’s cup of tea but I think she is a curvy milf, saw her several interviews recently showing her great thick legs off in skirt and heels always some good caps of her from appretince showing her legs off, she is really busty too, I wish for pics of her.

  • she is nice.

    nice site this some recommended women to add.

    1. Angela Griffiths
    2. Jo Joyner.
    3. Suranne Jones

    all have had tits out beofre and all are worthy wank material, just watched suranne in a series, she is pure milf

  • nice sexy british women, wish Gabby Logan was on here more like, seen her in person she does presenting does the bbc footy stuff, very nice looking and a great body on her

  • So you think your sexy yes you are

  • cat is nice, mention of Karren Brady off The Apprentice, wish she was on here, we should get more skin shown from her she is a milf