written by Wanda

Celine Dion Shows Off Her Legs In Jamaica

I have never understood the hate Celine Dion gets. I probably never will. The woman is so phenomenally talented it’s a little ridiculous. I’m not a fan of most of her music although there are songs I like, but she genuinely has one of the most impressive voices in the business and I respect that. Here at the Jazz & Blues Festival in Jamaica, Celine shows the audience that she isn’t just a big voice but she also knows how to put on a good show. That’s another thing I’ve always really admired about her. Her live performances sound nearly CD quality and she does more than just stand in place on the stage. She might be a little strange but what would the world be without the strange people? A lot less interesting.


  • I love Celine Dion. I think she has an INCREDIBLE voice and she’s sung some amazing signature songs in her time. I think she has great legs and was actually surprised when I first saw them because I’d always seen her in longer garments. Some of the pictures there aren’t very flattering. However, it shows that no-one’s perfect.

  • Oh dear, that first pic of Celine doesn’t look good at all. Maybe it’s just the way it was taken at that moment. I agree, Giyu, she has great legs, and if you look at the rest of the photos, you can see that. I think it’s just one of those moments. Everyone has one (or two or three!)

  • Poor Celine gets so much “hate” simply because she looks like a dude in the face. In fact she’s probably one of the ugliest-but-most-talented performers since Barbra Streisand. At least Celine doesn’t have the nerve to act in movies, thankfully. But anyway, I do like her, actually think she’s kinda sexy for an older lady. lol

  • Aww, come on, JoeSchmoe, you’re exaggerating – she’s not that bad, surely. That people might hate her is one thing, but sad — but for the reason to be because of how they think she looks, that’s even sadder and says more about them than about Celine herself.

  • Celine might be a great actress for all we know. Not every talent has to be or is explored. Or are you saying there’s a correlation between one’s acting ability and how he/she looks? I think Barbra Streisand’s adorable and quite attractive actually.

  • God, I wonder if Celine’s seen some of these pictures and how she feels about them. I agree, Giyu, they don’t look good, but I hope that, like you, she’s thinking no-one’s perfect and that we all have less than flattering pics of ourselves.

  • I think Celine has one of the best legs in the business, if not the best. Her music is also amazing, but that voice, wow! The pictures here like the first one are because her legs are in motion, every singer has pictures with their legs that look like they have cellulite but its just their skin moving while dancing. Aww JoSchmoe if you think she looks like a man there is something wring with your eyes. People who actually think she’s ugly are just very sad smh

  • Well said, Manuel! Totally agree with you there. I think what makes someone beautiful isn’t just the way they look – it’s the whole package. Looking at those pictures is one thing, but seeing her perform and listening to her sing — she’s beautiful.

  • When I saw the pictures, even though I’m not a photographer, my first thought was it was just the angle it was taken at and the particular moment it was taken. Some of the other pics show how great her legs are so it can’t be that her legs went from looking odd to perfect in a matter of seconds.