written by Ann

Chanelle Hayes Invites You To Smell Her

Chanelle Hayes packs a punch in her new fragrance, “Mwah”. She demonstrates where to place a tiny whiff of scent; at the nape of her neck. Chanelle invites you to come closer for a spray of her heavenly scent. I think people are more interested in her boobs than her perfume!

Chanelle Hayes Pic

Chanelle Hayes in London Chanelle Hayes Perfume Chanelle Hayes 5.jpg Chanelle Hayes 6.jpg Chanelle Hayes 7.jpg


  • Chanelle’s got to lose AT LEAST 2 Stone if she Really Really REALLY wants to look like Vikki. Still do her though.

  • can’t wait to smell her perfume- she looks hot too

    love that dress


  • Thank you everybody for your comments. :)

  • she is so fit.