written by Wanda

Chanelle Hayes Is All Wet In A Bikini

Chanelle Hayes is one of those celebrities you either love or hate. Rising to have on season 8 of ‘Big Brother’ her climb to the top was pretty impressive. Before long she’d racked up a serious list of credits on all manner of reality television shows, had an impressive modeling portfolio and had even signed a recording contract. The problem was that while she was everywhere for a while, not everyone was thrilled with that and once the back lash started, it hit fast and hard. With radio stations refusing to add her single to their play lists, festivals refusing to let her sing and her own admission that she thought her fame was a thing of the past, it seemed her reign was coming to an end just as quickly as it started. Add to that a suicide attempt and numerous failed relationships and it’s a little hard to be anything but sad when you look at this one. With that said, she looks gorgeous here in Spain. She doesn’t look super happy, but she’s at least in one piece and I’ll give her credit for that.


  • She needs to lose weight.

    • Oh dude, please tell me you’re kidding.

  • Her general appearance is thick and strong, especially in the legs. She needs to lose weight and be slimmer. You have to be honest with yourself and recognize this. Your present attitude is to deny the evidence and justify the unjustifiable.

    • Perhaps I don’t see things the way you do because I’m a woman that’s far too skinny. I guess different people see women different ways. I don’t like women that are too skinny although I’m sure you’re opinion of ‘too skinny’ and mine is fairly different was well. Noticed you commented on LeAnn Rimes and, in my opinion, she’s about on the borderline of being too skinny.

  • @octopus I just checked and I don’t think LeAnn Rimes’ legs would fit on that body. She would look just weird.

  • Chanelle is very attractive with a fantastic body, the legs are outstanding too

  • Anon, of course those legs would not fit the current body of Chanelle Hayes. I have spoken metaphorically. Hayes needs a comprehensive mass reduction.

    Wanda, your policy is to tell the patient what she want hear, not what she should hear.

    • Nope, if I was telling people what they wanted to hear, I would just agree with you. I don’t agree with you and I’m not going to say I do. I can’t say you’re wrong because it’s your opinion and everyone has the right to their opinion. I’m also thrilled that you’re willing to share yours. That’s the great thing about the internet. Anyone can share their thoughts on whatever they feel like sharing their thoughts on. When I look at Hayes, I think she looks fine. I think she’s in pretty good shape. She is thicker than a lot of the woman I post about on here, but in my opinion that doesn’t mean she’s fat. It just means she’s built thicker. If she lost weight, she would be boney and awkward looking. I have a feeling you would appreciate my shape and that makes me feel kind of good, but I would prefer to be built more like Channelle who, again, in my opinion, is more feminine.

  • she,s pregnant thats why she,s got weight

  • She looks perfect to me.

  • she has a nice body, i prefer women with meat on their bones, the person who said she needs to lose weight must only like women who are stick thin which to some people in’st attractive, we all have tastes,

    I think she is nice, and has amazing curves, i mean that is a fine ass body.

  • Now that is a real women with a proper fit body, I love women with bodies like that, yummy