written by Wanda

Chanelle Hayes Shows Off Her Baby Bump

Well, you can put those rumors to rest. Earlier in her pregnancy, former Big Brother star, Chanelle Hayes was accused of lying about her pregnancy because her baby bump was so small but as she hit the beach in Greece in her bikini, there was no doubt about the legitimacy of her pregnancy. That baby bump is now a baby mountain. Chanelle is definitely pregnant with ex-boyfriend Matthew Bates even though she’s currently dating Jade Goody’s widower, Jack Tweed. What a sordid little world celebrities live in. One thing is for sure – even at seven months pregnant, Chan is a stunner.

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  • Chanelle Hayes looks so over sized, even with that baby bump.

  • ^^^Agreed. The chick in the pink, frilly bikini > her.

  • Samantha, what a rotten thing for you to say. She’s pregnant. Maybe you should read up on what happens to a woman’s body when she gets pregnant instead of mouthing off like that.

    Chanelle looks gorgeous and happy in those photos.

  • Samantha, I’m disappointed you’d say something like that about another woman. However it says more about you and how you feel about yourself than it says about Chanelle. There’s nothing wrong with how she looks. You need to question why you feel that way, hun.

  • I think that she looks great for being pregnant. It is obvious that she is confident enough to wear a bikini when she is pregnant. That says a lot about a woman and she is proud to show off her baby bump.

  • she is hot, her friend is hot too, the other day one of my friends girlfriends mates who happens to be pregant, she had a nice outfit on and I told her she looked good in a cheeky way and i turned around whispered to mate id love to smash that she went mad and slapped me.

    Nothing wrong with a pregant women, love the bump but I wont do that again

  • the lass in the red bikini is hot as hell, id like to pump chanelle hayes tho still

  • Id pump chanelle all day and her friend too for that matter, fit birds

  • Id smash both tbh