written by irene

Chantelle Houghton And Her New Boots

Chantelle Houghton was every man’s dream when she showed up at a bike show in London wearing an ultra tight black leatherette outfit, a pout and a killer pair of red high boots. I tell you, that pair of boots was the very first thing I saw when I looked at these pictures. That, and Chantelle’s back breaking pose, too, of course! What do you think of her sexy pose? Do you think she’ll help sell more bikes because of this gig?

Chantelle Houghton boots

leatherette outfit Chantelle Houghton posing Chantelle Houghton does on Bike Chantelle Houghton 4.jpg Chantelle Houghton 5.jpg Chantelle Houghton 6.jpg


  • FITTTTTT! I would.

  • hot pix

  • fugly slut


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