written by Ann

Chantelle Houghton Hot Pictures

Chantelle Houghton was the star attraction at the Ultimo store opening, in Chelmsford. She wore a sexy, low cut, tight fitting corset. Her top helped to contain her big, beautiful boobs. Chantelle was lovely. She signed autographs for her fans. That corset stayed on all right and there was no wardrobe malfunction. (Much to everyone’s disappointment.)

Chantelle Houghton 4.jpg

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  • I really had no idea who Chantelle Houghton is. It seems Ive been missing something.

  • As far as I know, she was in UK Big Brother show.

  • I don’t like Chantelle, she was a “biach” in BB.

    But her body is quite awesome.

  • Another zeleb with a boob job!! Oh dear!!

  • Chantelle was on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK which she won , and was one of the nicest people ever to appear.
    You may be mixing her up with another girl “illusion” called Chanelle, who was on UK Big Brother.

  • Frank,

    Thanks for information. I messed up something in my head.

    From now on; I like Chantelle Houghton!!

  • Chantelle… I really love your body!!

  • chantelle houghton has great boob’s now after her boob job i didn’t like how she look before

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  • she’s got such a cute laugh

  • another desperate young women with no talent, at least she is good for showing off her body

  • that sums up most women tho, we cant moan as they are nice looking girls with superb fit bodies but most are talentless bimbos, but ay sex sells, that is the way it is now, everything seems to be down to looks as opposed to anything else.