written by Wanda

Charlize Theron Is A Babe And I Don’t Care Who Disagrees

Honestly though, does anyone actually think Charlize Theron is anything other than stunning? She’s easily one of my favorite actresses working in the industry right now but her looks have nothing to do with that. Well, they have almost nothing to do with that. She’s an incredibly talented actress and she isn’t afraid to hide her beauty if the role calls for it. She’s fearless and she really showed that off – and a lot more – at the “Snow White And The Huntsman” world premiere by rocking a nearly completely sheer dress. If you’ve read some of my other posts about red carpet fashion, you know I’m not typically a fan of dresses that leave so little to the imagination but there are two exceptions to that rule for me. I am okay with daring fashion at awards shows if the person attending is nominated, presenting or performing. I am also okay with daring fashion at premieres if the person is actually involved with the movie. Charlize falls into the latter category in this case so I’ll give her a pass. With that said, although she looks gorgeous, I’m not a big fan of the dress. What do I know, though? I regularly leave the house wearing my pajamas.

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  • Wow, with these high resolution shots, you can really see how much make-up is caked on her face… she’s still a babe though, no argument there!